I’ve probably played this song 10,000 times. I’m sure it’s etched into the minds of everyone in this house. I’ve worked out different ways of playing it and I can pretty much play it with my eyes shut *unless* you put me in front of a video camera. So that’s what I spent my time doing tonight while my wife and kids are out at the Hurricanes game. For some reason I freeze up in front of the camera. Anyway….. This take was the best of the bunch tonight. I built the amp, a tweed Fender Deluxe clone and the reverb unit, a clone of a Fender 6G15. The guitar is a Gretsch DuoJet and I run it through a Klon KTR and a tc electronic delay setup as a slapback echo. It’s only a few minutes long and worth watching for the blooper I put in at the end of the video.


I had my first bicycle crash in years last Friday. I tried to take a turn on a wet wooden bridge too fast and went down face first. Once I got over the shock and tried to fix what I could on my bike I continued on to ride another 50+ miles.