Another Multi-Millionaire for Clinton

jann-wenner-profileSo Rolling Stone endorses Hillary Clinton in a piece written by none other than Jann Wenner. No surprises there. Jann Wenner’s estimated net worth is 700 million. I do not expect a multi-millionaire to give voice to the hopes and dreams of the middle class in this country. *

Here’s my response to a few of Mr. Wenner’s rather dismissive assertions:

The narrative that Sander’s voters are angry is a false narrative at least as far my personal experience goes. What attracts people to Bernie Sanders is his integrity and a record of consistently being on the right side of progressive issues for years. This inspires dare I say it – hope in Sanders supporters. This is why people like me and many others from all ages and all walks of life repeatedly give to the Sanders campaign.

Hillary on the other hand has consistently been on the wrong side of progressive issues only to have her opinion change when confronted by Sanders (Iraq War, NAFTA, TPP, Prison Sentencing to name a few). When was the last time a true progressive called young black men “predators” who “need to be brought to heel”? That is not a progressive voice. That is the voice of the old South. Oh, she’s changed you say? It was so long ago. No, I lived through those times, part of it in Harlem and no one was using that kind of language except for racists and Republicans (who were most likely racists). At the same time Bernie Sanders was fighting against the stronger prison sentences which have ruined so many lives and families.

Hillary Clinton is owned by, or at the very least, highly indebted to the super-wealthy in this country. It only follows that she  will do their bidding. This has nothing to do with GOP smears and everything to do with Hillary and her record. Her ties to Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, WalMart and the for-profit prison industry among others show where her loyalties lie.

Speaking of Goldman Sachs, where are the transcripts of the Goldman Sachs speeches? Why does the Clinton campaign refuse to turn them over? What is so damning in those transcripts that they will not turn them over? According to Politico, HRC was paid $675,000 for three speeches given to Goldman Sachs. That is an obscene amount of money to be paid for three speeches. HRC supporters aren’t you even curious what was in those speeches?

The argument that she can get things done rings false to me also. She has not demonstrated any sort of integrity, wisdom or foresight in her judgement or decision making. Like her husband, she will forward the Republican Neo Con agenda. More wars, more dismantling of Social Safety Net programs. More flow of money out of the middle class to the top 1%.

Maybe any perceived anger in Sanders voters comes from the feeling the the system is rigged. The media ignores his campaign or prints misleading hatchet jobs on him. There were 16 hatchet pieces on Sanders in 16 hours by the WaPo because Jeff Bezos does not want a Sanders Presidency. The NY Times edits an online piece on Sanders that starts out positive and makes it negative. Bill Clinton goes around consistently breaking election laws. The DNC is chaired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was the co-chair of Clinton’s 2008 campaign. As DNC chair she puts up every obstacle she can to a Sanders nomination. Or maybe it’s the Super Delegates casting their votes with Clinton before a single vote was cast. How much more can possibly be stacked against the guy? Yet he keeps on fighting the good fight and we, his supporters will too.

Thanks Jann, Sanders just got another donation from me and hopefully many others.

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