I’ve been at this for a long time. I started working on websites when NCSA Mosaic was the only web browser and when the web really took off when Netscape came along. I met my wife on the WWWAC listserv. The original version of this site was produced after watching a Twin Peaks marathon when I lived in NYC. It won first place for web design from the Net magazine, now Business 2.0 or something.

Things have changed a lot since then. I’ve spent close to 20 years of my life sitting in front of a computer.

The things that bring me joy these days are my family, cycling and building pretty much anything from tube amps to cigar box guitars to cooking pies and building models with my kids.

I also play guitar a lot. I’ve played guitar in the NY Thrash lineup of Even Worse. Did a short stint in the Spineless Yessmen. Played in Drizzle and Woozy and played for a while with Julianne Richards. Since moving to NC in the late 1990s I’ve been bandless but have probably spent more time playing than I ever did in NYC. I’ve become a tone fanatic and understand so much more now about the guitar and tone than I ever could have back then.

1996 Soho NYC:











2015 Durham, NC: