New (Used) Bike

Because the right number of bikes is often one more than what you currently have. I wasn’t looking for a new bike but this one seemed to find me. I picked it up for such a low price that I could not turn it down. Luckily my wife is onboard with this. I’m shooting for 3500 miles this year and I find being able to mix it up helps me stay interested and stops me from burning out. 271 miles left to go before the end of the year. Should be a piece of cake but who knows what the weather and the holidays will bring.

I sold this bike on 10/31/2016 as the Lynskey is now my main bike.



I had my first bicycle crash in years last Friday. I tried to take a turn on a wet wooden bridge too fast and went down face first. Once I got over the shock and tried to fix what I could on my bike I continued on to ride another 50+ miles.


Wake / Johnston County line

Neuse River Greenway

I’ve started riding the Neuse River Greenway in Raleigh, NC, once a week. I’ve been a year-round bicycle commuter in Durham, NC for the last 10+ years, averaging around 2000 miles a year. This year I’ve been trying to step things up a bit, by adding longer rides in the evening and riding the Neuse River Trail once a week.

I came upon the Neuse River Greenway through the Trailfinder App when I started looking for a longer paved trail than the American Tobacco Trail. The ATT is 30 miles round trip on pavement, while the Neuse River Trail is 66 miles round trip. An added bonus is that it only crosses one road for the full 66 miles. As of mid-October I’ve clocked over 2700 miles and hope to hit 3500 before year end. I keep track of the miles because it motivates me to ride, especially on the cold and dark days that will soon be upon us.