Playing Sleepwalk, the great Santo and Johnny song on a Gretsch Duo Jet through a tube reverb unit and amp I built.

I crash my bike

Wet morning with slick tires on a wooden bridge.

Amazing Grace – Cigar Box Guitar

Me playing a very simple version of Amazing Grace on a cigar box guitar. Recorded with an iPod. The video wasn’t meant to be out of focus, but once I saw it I liked it.

J Mascis Jazzmaster & Mojotone Tweed Deluxe Demo

I’ve been meaning to make a short video demo video of the Mojotone Tweed Deluxe kit I built with my son, but before I got around to doing that I ended up buying a Fender Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster which I really, really like a lot. So why not make a video demo using both? Better yet, why not make it after a sleepless night at the end of a really hard week when I’m feeling totally fried?

Just for fun I’ve also setup the Tweed Champ amp we built on an ABY switch with the Deluxe. I’m playing the Jazzmaster through a Strymon BigSky for reverb. During the demo I also use a Fulltone OCD and a tc electronic flashback. Video shot with my Samsung Galaxy 4, rubber-banded to a mike stand. No post processing on the audio. That’s one of my Beagles barking in the background at the end, and yes, those are LL Bean flannel boxers if you must know.

Hope you enjoy.

Neuse River Trail Suspension Bridge


Neuse River Trail – Waterfall


Riding my bike in a hail storm

Bike commuting home in a hail storm as recorded by my rear facing Fly6 video cam.